MIR Spirodoc

A versatile respiratory diagnostics and monitoring solution with advanced spirometry and oximetry - all on a touchscreen, pocket-sized device. 


It does so much more than Spirometry. The perfect out-of-office respiratory monitoring tool.

The Spirodoc® is a versatile diagnostic and monitoring solution that facilitates both advanced spirometry and advanced 3D oximetry - perfect for patients undergoing respiratory rehabilitation and routine out-of-office monitoring. 

This device is available in three versions; with Spirometry Only, Oximetry Only or both Spirometry & Oximetry. Dependent on what is required, you may opt to take advantage of some or all of the features that Spirodoc provides.









Ergonomically designed

The Spirodoc® is confined to a compact, pocket-sized design that is packed with great features and technology. Featuring a high resolution touchscreen display, it's design strikes the perfect balance for use in out-of-office and clinical settings. The built-in memory has enough storage for 10,000 tests which can be downloaded and analysed using the MIR WinspiroPRO® PC Software.

Perfect for out-of-office Spirometry

Easily configure the Spirodoc® and set the device to patient mode for out-of-office monitoring. The “eDiary” on the device allows patients to answer pre-configured questions about their symptoms that correlates with any tests recorded for that day.

In-office advanced Spirometry

Initiating "Doctor mode" on the device opens up a whole advanced set of features for diagnostic spirometry. Together with the free MIR WinspiroPRO® PC Software, the Spirodoc can wirelessly connect to the PC via Bluetooth® (or directly via USB) allowing for real-time spirometry testing, and downloading of test results stored on the device. The Spirodoc® Spiro measures an array of selectable parameters and gives a PRE and POST bronchodilator comparison.


Results are previewed on the display following a test, with a flow/volume graph in addition to the patient’s actual spirometry readings for immediate assessment together with interpretation.


Advanced pulse oximetry

Spirodoc® is easily converted from a handheld spirometer to a fully functional and advanced pulse oximetry system thanks to the detachable flowmeter head. Spirodoc® can also be purchased as a stand-alone pulse oximetry device if Spirometry is not required.


Spirodoc® is the first "3D Oximeter®" to incorporate a three axis movement sensor to correlate the saturation level (%SpO2) to the physical activity.

On-the-spot oximetry test

Spirodoc® instantly provides simple and clear SpO2 and HR measurements with a view of the plethysmographic curve.


6 minute walk test (6MWT)

During the walking test, the patient walks as fast as possible in a 30 meter long hallway for 6 minutes with the administration of oxygen, if necessary.

Thanks to the portability and advanced features of Spirodoc it is possible to test patients easily.

By doing this, it’s possible to correlate the SpO2 saturation level to physical activity, which is extremely useful for diagnosing effort-induced bronchospasm, for COPD assessment and treatment.

Spirodoc is provided with belt.

24hr Holter Test

The 24 hour Holter Test provides a comprehensive analysis of the entire recording period and determines the average SpO2 values and pulse rate. This analysis gives an overall evaluation of the cardio-respiratory conditions throughout the day.

Virtually all advanced oxygen devices are now built with a new technology that has a valve for the “on request” administration of oxygen... which means that oxygen can be given to the patient if it needs it.

Spirodoc automatically measures and records desaturation events while standing or walking or sleeping and translates them into the amount of oxygen required by the patient. In addition Spirodoc allows fast on-screen symptoms entry with settable questions and automatic answer recording (eDiary).

A detailed analysis of the most significant periods can therefore be performed: for example at rest or while exercising.

Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, SPIRODOC can differentiate between light physical activity, moderate/heavy and sleep, and then determine the exact amount of oxygen that the patient needs in the various phases.


Sleep Test

In respiratory diseases, sleep can cause prolonged desaturation of SpO2 with values down to <50%, which are unsustainable values and are "at the limit of survival".

OSAS (Obstruction Sleep Apnea Syndrome) has become something of an epidemic. It is safe to say that wherever we turn in the world OSAS is there.

Spirodoc carries out a sleep desaturation analysis and memorizes events as well as body position, allowing a fast and reliable diagnosis.



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