Keep a check on respiratory health. The smart way.

with SmartOne & Spirobank Smart

Smart Spirometry

Respiratory health self-monitoring - Designed for the health conscious with PEF & FEV1. Oximetry optional.
Spirobank®  Smart
The future of remote spirometry testing with 6 parameters and Oximetry option.
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Spirobank® II Handheld Series

Spirobank® II Essential
Where only the basic parameters need to be measured. A perfect screening tool.
Spirobank® II Basic
Handheld diagnostic spirometry with basic parameters.
Spirobank® II Advanced
Handheld diagnostic spirometry with advanced parameters & features.
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Respiratory + Oximetry with Spirodoc®

Spirodoc® Spiro
Touchscreen multi-function Spirometer with interchangeable head for optional oximetry
Spirodoc® Oxi
For continuous monitoring of SpO2 ideal for Oxygen Assessment and 24hr Holter. Can also be used as a spirometer by attaching the head.
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Desktop Spirometry with Spirolab®

Intermedical Spirolab®
Diagnostic Spirometer with a large touchscreen display and integrated printer. Designed for UK healthcare professionals.
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